New Book in German “The Ahr Valley of Compassion”

Feb 1, 2024

‘The Ahr Valley of Compassion’ is more than just a book about a flood disaster. It is a passionate appeal for empathy, cohesion and the recognition of our common humanity. Diana Ivanova succeeds in turning the catastrophe into a source of inspiration and a plea for a more compassionate way of living together. A read that resonates and inspires reflection beyond the borders of the Ahr Valley.
Daniel Pietrzik,, 05.03.2024

“Vulnerability is the sociological signature of our time. The Ahr Valley is a symbol of this – for the vulnerability of our physical existence, but also for the vulnerability of the infrastructures that surround us and that we take for granted in everyday social life. In miniatures, fragments, thought textures and fragments of conversation, Diana Ivanova paints a picture of the local society of the Ahr valley, which was suddenly confronted with the loss of everyday routines. In this way, an atmosphere of empathy is created that makes the physical, psychological and social wounds just as visible as the overwhelming collective experience of cohesion and solidarity. Diana Ivanova’s book opens up a view of the potential that lies in our crisis-ridden society. Art and culture play an outstanding role here: the art of listening to one another and the culture of giving hope at the right time with a piano sonata in a seemingly hopeless situation. The energy of small gestures is the strength of Fragments from the Ahr Valley of Compassion.”

Prof. Dr. Berthold Vogel, Managing Director of the Sociological Research Institute Göttingen (SOFI) e.V. at the Georg August University