“Singen im Veedel” (Singing in the Neighbourhood)

“Singen im Veedel” (Singing in the Neighbourhood) is something new that started in 2021 – a project that came about after talks with the Catholic parish of St.Clemens and Mauritius in Cologne-Müllheim and supported by the Catholic Educational Association of Cologne.

We sing outside in the neighbourhood around the church square of St.Antonius Church – and in the church itself.

The songs we sing together are from different cultures/religions and in different languages: German, English, French, Bulgarian, Arabic, Sanskrit…

At each meeting we experiment and emphasise different healing aspects of singing together. Little by little, we would like to encourage rehearsals to include ‘the outside’: we go to places in the neighbourhood, sing our songs and invite passers-by to stay for a short or long time and sing along.