Bulgarian and Balkan Chants

“Bulgarian and Balkan Chants” is a space for everyone who loves to sing and is interested in authentic songs and improvisation, regardless of age, experience and nationality. Singing is done without notes and there is always experimentation – with variations, polyphony, body movements, etc. The French musician Yves Gueit accompanies the workshops with his clarinet. So far we have sung in different spaces – Namen-Jesu Kirche Bonn, Sankt Agatha Kapelle Köln, Bruder Klaus Kapelle, Schwarzrheindorfer Doppelkirche, Deutschlandreise Bonn, in der Rheinaue, Bad Bodendorf, Kreuzberg Kapelle etc.

Since 2021 I have been leading in-depth and extended day seminars and workshops, where the sound experience is complemented by improvisation and meditative impulses (e.g. Again Speicher, Brotfabrik Bonn, ARP Museum Rolandseck etc).