About me

My name is Diana Ivanova –
owner of Divanova.

I work with words – but as well with voice and with body.

My topics of interest are memory and trauma, migration, new groups and social movements.

I work as a journalist and writer, trauma-yoga therapist (TSY),  group-therapist and curator.

2016  together with Martin Dietrich we started two pilot projects about trauma  in Bonn, Germany and with Tools for inner peace in Grempoli,  Italy. Since that time I have become more interested in the subject of trauma sensitive yoga and now am part of the German network TSY ingradual (Traumasensibles YOGA) and teach Yoga on a regular basis.


Since 2013 I  lead  self-awareness groups  (with the method of Group Analysis) and since 2018 singing groups in Bonn, Germany.

“Slow journalism” is what I believe in – we can call it also “reflective journalism” or writings where my own subjectivity becomes part of the text. I believe, this is the only way (for me) to be authentic in times of reshuffle and change.

The question about authenticity is crucial for me.

This energy was the power beyond my work on the ground in the village of Gorna Bela Rechka (Bulgaria) where I co-created and co-curated the international Goatmilk Festival of Memories between 2004 and 2019.

I live in Bad Bodendorf and Bonn, Germany.