Singing has been with me – through my mother’s beautiful voice and life in Bulgaria – ever since I have known myself. As a schoolgirl I sang in choir, and later I experimented and learned a lot – mantra singing, jazz singing, circle songs, a cappella and vocal improvisation, etc. During my work in Bela Rechka and collecting old songs from the women in the village (2003-2004 and until 2014) I rediscovered for myself Bulgarian folk music and the old tradition of singing. The Bela Rechka Singing Society emerged as a form of communal singing every year in Bela Rechka until 2019. Stamatis Efstathiu, Emma Bonici, Angelika Goers are some of my favorite teachers of musical improvisation.

Since 2018 I have been giving workshops with improvisations on Bulgarian and Balkan chants, as well as on so-called “healing singing” in Bonn/Cologne and many places in Germany.