This is one of the projects I really love. A really great film.

One day, we were sitting around discussing the need to create a film that would express our experiences during the period of transition that followed the fall of communism. We wanted it to be a unique reflection of our collective struggle for identity, spoken in a familiar language that we could all directly relate to. The figure of the father appeared to be a wonderful metaphor that encompassed this idea. First and foremost, we all have our own unique relationships with our fathers, but beyond this, the father is the first to provide us with sensations of power, authority, and responsibility. What happens to us as individuals, and to our families, when the models of authority and responsibility in a country change, as was the case after 1989? What happens to the child and the father? These were the intriguing questions we decided to explore further.

This is how Father came into life in 2012.

More about the film and project you can find here.

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