concerts and improvisations

27 August 2022, ARP Museum Rolandseck, Workshop VOICE AND SPACE and LichtKlangPerformance, together with Johannes S. Sistermanns (space-related sound performance), Bernd Wegener (sound performance) and Ingo Bracke (direction) Opening of the festival LichtBlicke: Ahrtal

11 September 2022, Altenahr – Improvisation Workshop Breathing and Singing – singing and sounding together in a house affected by the flood of 2021, whose future remains unclear. Through sounding together, free improvisations and little melodies we explore together how our voice(s) reflect and influence the space. Part of the project WERK & TAL : A village becomes a museum Open-air exhibition “werk&tal” in Altenahr

16. September 2022, Kapelle Sankt Antonius, Kreuzberg
Concert, voice and clarinet, part of the festival LichtBlicke: Ahrtal
With Yves Gueit