Bela Rechka Online: Villa Verka

The village of Gorna Bela Rechka is a place of love – the place where my grandmother Ivanka, my grandfather Dimcho and my mother Verka were born.

In the las years  (between 2003 and 2019) this was one of  the places of my main activities – as a cultural activist, journalist, writer and curator.

In 2003  I returned to Bulgaria after 7 years living in Prague and organised the first international workshop in Bela Rechka – with friends from Poland, Gzech Republic, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy and Bulgaria.

The house of my relatives (where our family spent wonderful summers as we both with my sister were children) was our  base  at the very beginning and for the next 3 festival years (2004-2006). After that I bought the house and we started using as our main base the old abandoned school (now a community center, tcitaliste).

Since 2004 till 2019 I was co-curator and organiser of  GOATMILK FESTIVAL OF MEMORIES.

Since 2024 the house has the name of our mother – Villa Verka.

In 2008 I started to work with photographer Babak Salari on the topic about collective trauma and the old people in Bela Rechka and the region.  In 2010 we published the book “Traumas and Miracles. Portraits from Northwestern Bulgaria” and the project travelled to ViennaFlorence, Munich (Schliersee) and Bonn. The photoexhibition was presented in the National Art Gallery of Sofia in August 2010. The book is available now  in bookstores in Munich, Lisbon, Bonn and Sofia.

Bela is an archive of our family photos and collection of  family photos from the people in Gorna Bela Rechka. It is part of the website Villa Verka and can be seen there.