Trainings and Workshops 2023

2023 I offer further trainings online on the topics of YOGA AND TRAUMA at Yoga Vidya Germany.

Why is this important and what can I learn here?

Trauma – collective and individual – is a very complex topic, which is again playing a central role for all of us, especially due to the war in Ukraine, climate change, the flood disasters, the refugee crisis and the corona pandemic.

A sensitisation for the topic and a deeper understanding for the experience, the core symptoms and consequences of trauma seem more and more important for yoga classes.

It is especially important to see yoga as part of the world and thus to perceive our responsibility: when can yoga help and when can it deepen and even cause traumatisation?

The certified training “Yoga and Trauma Course Leader” was developed by me for Yoga Vidya 2021 and consisted of 4 modules (4 weekends). 14 participants successfully completed the training.