Spomenite ni


The project “I lived socialism” started as a website on 26th March 2004 and was the first website for personal recollections from the socialist years in Bulgaria. The project was based exclusively on the use of Internet (www.spomeniteni.org) as a tool and place for storytelling and was the first of that kind in Eastern Europe.

With writer Georgi Gospodinov, journalist Kalin Manolov and psychiatrist Rumen Petrov ( all born in the 60s)  we created a webpage (grafic designers and webmasters Galina Ivanova and Diana Leskovska, also born in the 60s) www.spomeniteni.org where people were invited to send their own personal stories from socialist time.

In 2006 a book was published, edited by Georgi Gospodinov.

Unfortunaltely, the website does not exist anymore (we lost it…)  but the book is on the market!(more than 4 editions till now)