My Street


“My Street” idea was developed first in 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria during the garbage crisis.

The British Council and the manager Leah Davcheva invited  Boris Deliradev and me to develop a local concept about workshops with young people on the topic “EU and Me”.  We wanted to avoid general talking and to confront ourselves with the everyday reality around us – how we see the streets where we live, how we feel about them and how do we expect them to change?

We conducted series of workshops in Sofia, Varna, Stara Zagora, Haskovo, Vurshets, Kozlodui and Koprivshtitsa. An exhibition and the book ” Моята улица. 39 истории за улици” collected some of the most profound stories.

My Street became very  powerful and intriguing project  and – for my own surprise – one of the most important projects I have ever developed. It continued in Cuba (see more in the Cuban section) and I use it still in different workshops. 2017 with a group of refugees in Bonn we wrote a small book “We and our streets” (“Wir und unsere Straßen”) – copies could be sent individually, the book can be found also at the DOMID in Cologne, Germany.