My Body is My Home: Yoga for Ukraine

Ilustration: Oksana Drachkovska


Trauma-sensitive yoga for people from Ukraine ONLINE

(in Russian and English)

every Friday 9.00 (Berlin time)

The cruel war of Russia against Ukraine, the violence that was experienced and seen, the flight, the insecurity – all this brings tremendous stress in the body and mind and changes our relationship with ourselves and with the world.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is a gentle form of support – to “digest” these times – and feel connected to ourselves here and now.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is about feeling and experiencing my body as a safe place. I call the body “my home that no one can take away from me.” It’s not about giving up or forgetting my real home, but finding new resources and roots in my own body and thereby experiencing safety again.

The hour begins with breathing exercises, gentle asanas for the joints and for deepened body awareness and ends with a short meditative final relaxation. There is also the opportunity for a short exchange.

One yoga class lasts 55 minutes. You will need a room for yourself, a good internet connection, a place on the floor to lie down – or just a chair.

This class is suitable for everyone. No yoga experience or prior knowledge is necessary.


Important! This is a free offer for people from Ukraine – the session will be held ONLINE in Russian and English.

The number of participants is limited, so it is necessary to register – please, send an e-mail to with your name and e-mail address, so you can get the zoom link.

You can book a series or only a single session.


You can support the project with a donation to enable more Ukrainians to participate – for example, with a donation of 50€ you support a continuous participation of one person (5 yoga classes). The course will be established as a regular one so people can join at their own speed and if there is a class you could not join – you can do it later.


PayPal: or via bank-transfer (just drop me a line)

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